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in pakistan. a man killed for allegedly desecrating the koran. foreign forces, rebels in the central african republic take yet another town. the venezuelan government says president chavez could begin another term even if he is too ill to be sworn in. despite what you see, these are fished out of water. they are living in the israeli desert. he was killed by a mob, allegedly for desecrating the koran. him was in police custody when angry villagers drag him from his cell, beat him to death, and set his body on fire. police in pakistan are still trying to find out who he was. we went to the province where it happened. warnings, there are images in this report, you may find disturbing. this man was taken from the police station in pakistan. he was murdered for allegedly desecrating the koran. >> police officials describe hundreds of villagers came to the police station. they took the man from behind these bars. they took him to the second floor, dropped his body, and set him on fire. >> seven police officials have been suspended since the killing last month. they were not able to protect a man
supporters there in caracas. police in pakistan are still trying to find out the identity of a man who was killed for allegedly desecrating the quran. the victim was in police custody when angry villagers dragged him out of a cell, beat him to death and set his body on fire. the province where the incident happened, you may find some of the images in the report disturbing. >> this man was taken from a police station in the sindh province in pakistan, murdered for allegedly desecrating the quran. police officials describe that hundreds of villagers came to the police station, took out the man from behind these very bars, took him to the second floor, dropped his body to the floor and set his body alight. seven police officials have been suspended since the killing last month. they were unable to protect a man under his custody and did not have a name for him but they say the mob overpowered them after storming the police station. it is a tranquil village and people allowed the man to stay the night in the local mosque but say they woke up to burned pages of the quran and allegedly caugh
every day. >> reporter: just three months ago in pakistan, malala was near death, shot in the head by the taliban. they were angered by her campaign for women's education. >> if you can help us, please help. >> reporter: instead of killing her, they made this teenage girl a household name and inspired support for her cause around the world. in pakistan, malala's school is now under armed guards. i really want her to come home, says her friend. but the taliban says it would shoot her again. now her father, who runs a school in pakistan, has been given a job in the uk, promoting education so the family can stay here. at least for a while. nbc has followed this story from the beginning. >> we're told by a source close that malala and her family are enjoying finally being together again and she and her father are as committed to ever as their advocacy work, not just in pakistan but around the world. right now their priority is malala's full recovery. >> reporter: malala will undergo reconstructive surgery in a few weeks, facing her recovery with the same courage and determination that
. that means there is huge room for catching up. and then, of course, there is pakistan, bangladesh, vietnam, many countries in asia. so i'm quite optimistic about the long term growth prospect of asia as a whole. >> reporter: the asian economy has stayed relatively firm despite a recession in europe and a slowdown in the u.s. but kudo points out that more cooperation is needed in the region to prepare for further headwinds. >> i think countries should create more to try to stabilize interregional relationship. most of the countries have no capital and they trade freely. it has been at the center of the regional cooperation in asia and it needs regional development and will continue to be so or they must strengthen their activities in the area of regional corporation integration. >> a pakistani girl who was shot by islamic militants has been discharged from a british hospital. the hospital said that the 15-year-old left the day before because shes with well enough to stay with her family in britain. she was shot in the head in october by the pakistani taliban for supporting girls' rights to
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in his home of pakistan with "one more fish" hocking snapper at queens market in london. >> and so you like this? >> i do. feeling it. >> psy says he doesn't want to sing gangnam style anymore. >> instead of what? what's his other hit? >> he has nothing. >> "one pound fish" okay. >>> was it one small fbi for neil armstrong? >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> a new documentary suggests that armstrong may have lied when he said he ad libed that famous line when he became the first man to step foot on the room. in a recent interview, armstrong's brother claimed that he thought up the famous line months before the july 16th apollo mission and that he was supposed to say a man not just man. >>> some people were shocked when they thought they saw superman flying over the coast. here's jeanne moos. >> he may look like a man of steel but he's actually the man of lightweight foam. actually his top speed is 30 miles an hour. but the sight of superman flying above the california coast was enough to make a cyclist stop and shoot it. the video went viral. and now peopl
campaigner for girls education in pakistan. >> , they all look to her as one of the persons who have bravely stood, despite her age. it is against this barbarism. they look to her, and she is determined to continue her mission, which is to say she is following in the footsteps of [indiscernible] >> doctors say a him transplant patient is making progress. >> mark had suffered a paralyzed hand as a result of years of gout, and was told after christmas that a suitable match was available. >> the feeling as to started to come back. everything is looking very good. it is doing well. >> hand transplants were pioneered in france in the late 1990's. the doctors say they kept in close touch with french experts during the procedures. >> he had a functionalists hand before, no function at all. over the next six months to a year, we expect to see recovery of movement, recovery of power. >> he will be able to eat by himself, get dressed, feel his grandson's hand in his. >> i might be able to cut my food up, but some my shirt, fasten a pair of shoelaces. >> as well as needing more medical help, it will be
service will be held tomorrow. >>> a teenager in pakistan becoming a champion of women's rights in that country. the 15-year-old left the hospital today. the heroic teenager was flown to england. her family now lives there. she was attacked by the taliban if you will remember for challenging the terrorist group's efforts to deny other rights for women. the taliban still says they will try to target her again. >>> and still ahead, mixed news on those new unemployment numbers. a little later on as we check in with the redskins. see how they are getting ready for sunday's big game against the seahawks of seattle. >>> and coming up next, a little boy gets the thrill of the young life when his favorite super hero turns out to be his all-time favorite hero. >>> if you don't have it yet, you want to be sure to download the brand new iphone app. it's got news on your fingertips and live interactive weather maps, just like the one that topper is using all for free. it is also available for the kindle fire and some other android tablets. >>> all right employment rate is still at 7.8% toni
injuries she sustained. it's interesting, that question, because over the past couple of days, the pakistan government has announced it's given a job to malala yousafzai's dad, the job as the education attache in the pakistani consulate in birmingham, which is right where the hospital is. and that's for the next three years. malala obviously has to go through a lot of treatment, so that enables the family at least temporarily to stay in britain for the next three years. even though the father says ultimately he wants to go back to pakistan, there is this huge threat hanging over his family. the taliban say still they're going to finish off the job, as it were, they're still going to try to kill malala yousafzai if she goes back. so my suspicion is she may stay there for a significant period of time. >> along those lines, what is the security or protection for her, given this vow by the taliban to continue to try and find her and kill her? >>> a "360 follow" now. the u.s. supreme court today agreed to decide who will get to raise this little girl. her name is veronica. she's 3 years old and
was shot pakistan last october. the taliban targeted her because of stopping young girls from getting education . we wish her all of the best. and there is a movement brewing in texas to get the state to secede from the u.s.. there is it a petition on the white house website that received 124,000 signatures since president obama's reelection. has the fiscal cliff helped thrertheir cause. joining us is it the texas national move the group pushing for secession. tell us why it is it time for texas to secede from the union? >> well, uma, there is it a lot of reasons that we believe that texas should leave the union. but basically it boils down to political freedom that we have loss. cultural freedom and certainly the economy that you have been talking about on your show for the last 45 minutes. there is it 16 trillion rein it is right there and with the negotiations that went on last weekend, we add 4. something trilion. we have 20 trillion reasons to try to protect the economy and people of texas from what we believe is it a certain coming disaster. >> and you folks are leading a seriou
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is finally on the waysuper storm sandy relief is finally on the way. the pakistan teenager shot for promoting education is finally out of a british hospital. the 15 year- old was shot by the kelly ben after encouraging girls to attend school. after two months of frustrating delays $9 billion is on the way. this is the first part of a $60 billion appropriation the. >> it's never too late to do the right thing is late that we are doing this thing. hop the president said it was the worst day of his presidency the moment he learned about the shooting in sandy hook elementary school he is being briefed by the counter- terrorism adviser. getting help today from someone who knows what it's like to survive a mass shooting. she retired from congress to focus on her own recovery giffords was seriously injured when a gunman opened fire in tucson arizona for a political event, six people were killed including a nine year-old girl and a federal judge. following the new december jobs report that was released today the unemployment rate remains the same, 7.8% the economy created 155,000 jobs last month. i
gunman fired a bullet into her head. when cbs news visited the site of the attack in rural pakistan the bus was parked with evidence but police have still not caught the gunman. meanwhile malala's classmates at a school run by her father went back to their studies immediately, determined not to be intimidated by violence waiting and still hoping for malala to go home. >> i think once she goes back she'll be a huge personality in her own right and she'll continue to promote the work she's doing. >> but malala won't be returning to pakistan any time soon. she's got many hours of healing and therapy to do which she'll do in her temporary home in britain surrounded by her family. the british and pakistani governments have worked very hard to give the family a stable base here as long as they need it. in fact, the pakistani government even gave her father a temporary diplomatic job. it was named education attachÉ to the consult in birmingham. anthony? >> elizabeth, palmer thanks. >>> an attorney says lance armstrong will. he's considering publicly admitting to th
countries, in pakistan, for example, still revered as a holy man. >> rick: in that movie, the youtube voideo you mentioned the united states denounced that, that's not anything, but in this case the cia did cooperate with the film makers. you could make the argue thats this-- is this a government sponsored movie? the other thing, a youtube video that only took a few minutes to watch, that was sort of silly and grainy, looked like a home movie. that's a whole lot different than a big screen, hollywood blockbuster that's going to be shown all over the world. >> rick: here is the bigger question when it comes to the senator who want more information from the cia. the senate conducted its own investigation which found that enhanced interrogation techniques, water boarding and the like did not lead to the critical information that led us to bin laden and the acting director of the cia, reacts to remarks of the cia recently said in fact that we did get some information from enhanced interrogation, it was a part of the information and we got other information in other ways, but that that did play a
for them to return to pakistan. >> fda proposing the most sweeping food safety rules in decades. new rules requiring farmers and food companies to be more vigilant in the wake of deadly outbreaks including requiring farmers to make sure workers wash hands, make sure irrigation water is lien and animals stay out of the fields. critics say changes are long overdue, there are 3,000 deaths per year from food borne illness. >> checking healthy living news this afternoon, if you haven't had flu shot yet now is the time. kaiser permanente predicts california will see a surge as a resultful holiday travelers cominging back with the virus. abc news says california abc news says california flu outbreak in the u.s. in a decade it could be that it's a newer strain. it could be that not enough people are vaccinated but interesting theories has to do with humanity. some are finding will heer humanitoç), earlier flu season starts. >> suggesting getting your vaccine as soon as possible if you haven't already, taking two weeks for your immunity to build up. february is the peak season for flu in calif
by the pakistan for promoting education for women has been released from the hospital. what's next for malala and the girls she was fighting for. >>> pledging bipartisanship, but as he gets ready to come back from hawaii and start the new year, he also has a warning for republicans. don't use the debt ceiling as leverage. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for a bill they've already racked up. if congress refuses the ability for the united states to pay its bills on time, it could be cat strofk. kristen welker with the president in honolulu. it will be a big change of scenery when he gets back to washington. tell us some of the battles on the horizon for the president. >> reporter: hi, craig. good afternoon. there are three budget battles on the horizon. the one getting the most attention right now is the fight over the debt ceiling and the debt ceiling is like the nation's credit card. the nation has essentially maxed out at this point in time. so congress, the white house will have a bigeb
after being shot in the head in her homeland of pakistan. taliban leaders tried to kill her. malala was taken to england for specialized treatment. authorities say she has a good chance of making a full recovery although her injuries are unclear. >>> a city made of ice and snow is ready for the annual festival one of the largest in the world. some 7,000 people have been carving and building sculptures and entire building while temperatures are in the single digits. the festival in china began 13 years ago and draws hundreds of thousands of people each year. >> wow. >>> grays anatomy star patrick dempsey is causing a stir in seattle. >> morning. >> the actors investment group won the bidding for tully's coffee. the star says he hopes to reenergize tully's which once had almost 50 coffee shops in california and washington state. dempsey beat out competitors including starbucks. >>> the company known for credit scores is coming back to the valley. fico is returning to san jose where it employs 90 people and says it has plans to hire more. the company moved to its corporate headquarters
not a fishmonger from pakistan? his catchy "one-pound fish" has hooked people into the new year. it's reeled in more than 16 million views on youtube and already an itunes hit. >> chuck bell's favorite song on his ipod. also, buzz words to look for in 2013. >>> speaking of twitter, tweets may only be 140 characters, but that apparently doesn't lessen their historical significance. the library of congress has collected about 170 billion tweets in the last two years. what's likely to be the most noteworthy, the very first tweet posted back in 2006. librarians say they're working on a way to store and search all the messages. >> it never goes away. it will always be there. >> sounds like a future trivia question. what was the first tweet ever? >> i don't know. >> exactly. that's why it's a very good trivia question. >> wasn't the first e-mail ever like merry christmas? >> maybe. >> i think it was. >> anyway, we're off to a cold start on a saturday morning. looks like it's going to be a relatively good weekend for anything you want to do outside. this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon look great.
. >> i want to bring you the latest developments. the 15 year old pakistan the girl shot in the head by the taliban has been released from a british hospital. officials say she is strong and recovering well, so she will have to be readmitted next month for another round of surgery to rebuild her skull. as we told you, she was shot in the head by muslim extremists for promoting growth and education in her own country. she will live with their parents and o brothers in the u.k. was a continues to receive treatment good news. meanwhile, the jobs report showing the slight growth. not really moving the economic neil. presence dollar an american enterprise institute and former consultanto the treasury department and steve son, president of capital public affairs and a former labor department official. all-starith you. where can i get -- what you make of this report? >> 455,000, which was the jobs increases, the average for the past couple of years. what is really striking about this is this is the best we will e for a while. gerri: what? >> yeah. normally at the start of the year we're loo
after the attack, she was flown from pakistan to england to treat the gunshot wound to her head. doctors called her recovery a me miracle but she still has to undergo reconstructive surgery. there's a petition circling calling for her to receive the nobel peace prize. >>> a sign of unity in the gaza strip today as hundreds of thousands of palestinians rally for the fatah political party. today marks 48 years since the group was founded by the late yasser arafat. it's also the first fatah celebration since hamas ousted them from power in 2007. hamas actually approved this rally, a sign that tensions are easing between palestinian factions. but just to the north, the civil war rages on. neighboring turkey to help protect its ally from incoming syrian missiles. in recent months the serial army has lawn pd attacks against rebels of cities near the border. some of those missiles have crossed over. the u.s., germany and the netherlands deployed troops and defense missile systems to the border to help turkey intercept any incoming missiles. >>> help is finally on the way after a controversial d
yousufzai was airlifted there after being shot in the head in october in pakistan's swat valley. today, the hospital in birmingham, england, released video and photographs of malala waving to the staff and hugging her nurses as she left on thursday. for now, she'll stay in britain with her family, and next month, she'll have skull reconstruction surgery. hundreds of thousands of palestinians rallied in gaza today in a rare show of support of the fatah movement there. the yellow flags of fatah were seen waving all over gaza in large squares, in processions, and from rooftops. it was the first such event since the rival group hamas seized power in gaza in 2007. hamas approved today's rally, and its prime minister voiced hopes for reconciling differences over how to deal with israel. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: the war in syria reached another grim milestone this week. the united nations estimated that the death toll from the almost two-year long conflict has reached more than 60,000. ray suarez has our report. >> suarez: a pro-government tv
? ♪ >> "one pound fish." 3-year-old muhammad nazir has catapulted to fame in pakistan with this hit, "one pound fish." sing. it now with 11 million hits, it is spreading around the world. he apparently came up with the song while hawking frozen snapper and mackerel for one british pound at queen's market in london. it's going to take off. already is. >>> in california, some people were shocked when they thought they saw superman flying over the coast. genie moos explains. -- jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: he may look like the man of steel, but he's actually the man of lightweight foam. >> faster than a speeding bullet -- >> reporter: actually his top speed is 30 miles per hour. but the sight of superman flying above the california coast was enough to make a cyclist stop and shoot it. the video went viral and now folks are wondering -- >> up in the sky. it's a bird -- >> it's a plane. >> it's superman! >> reporter: yeah, if superman were 5'2" and weighed less than two pounds. he's a sensation on the local news -- >> the big question, where did they hide the propeller? >> reporter: it's
a breakthrough, ultimately leading to bin laden's hideout in pakistan. but that narrative is being sharply questioned by u.s. senators. >> they make it appear as if this brutal interrogation techniques obtain useful information. fact is, they didn't. >> reporter: in just-released letter, mccain and senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein along with armed services chair carl levin charged the cia may have misled filmmakers about what really happened. they want acting director mike morrell to set the record straight. morrell, on president obama's short list to replace general petraeus, released this statement. "the film creates the strong impression that the enhanced interrogation techniques were the key to finding bin laden. that impression is false." then he added, "some intel came from detainees subjected to enhanced techniques. but there were many other sources, as well." while nobody disputes there were many sources tapped in the ten-year hunt for bin laden, the senators say a recently concluded and still classified investigation by the senate intelligence committee found that aggres
's hideout in pakistan, but that narrative is being sharply questioned by u.s. senators. >> they make it appear as if this brutal interrogation techniques obtained useful information. the fact is, they didn't. >> reporter: in just-released letters mccain and senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein along with armed services chair carl levin charge the cia may have misled the filmmakers about what really happened, and they want acting director mike morrell to set the record straight. he's on president obama's short list to replace general petraeus at the cia released this statement, the film creates the strong impression that the enhanced interrogation techniques were the key to finding bin laden. that impression is false. but then he added, some intel came from detainees subjected to enhanced techniques, but there were many other sources as well. while nobody disputes there were many sources tapped in the ten-year hunt for bin laden, the senators say a recently concluded and still classified investigation by the senate intelligence committee found that aggressive tactics such as wat
all the studies but basically, this gentleman in pakistan i documented millions of south asians were involved in making and building bricks he is caught in a life cycle of bondage that started with a small loan. it does not matter how hard he works he will never get out of it. bondage is often used in carpet waving in south asia. here some children i documented in that pal. anyone under 18 should not be waving carpets these kids were all 11, 12, 13. they worked 16, 17 hours a day. these are the carpets that are exported to the u.s. and put in our sitting rooms. this is often the production environment. a local product type of south asia cigarette. a hurricane in 2009 wiped out a large swath of southeastern ban gal and the land owners came in and said we will rebuild your home but in exchange for that you have to do this. so they don't get a wage they get a roof. this is a raw tobaccos going into the hands of children. agriculture is another one. often seasonal contracts they will go between agriculture and carpets depending to season. because of the seasonal jumping around and enteri
in pakistan. michael more relevant told agency employees last month that such techniques were not the key to finding bin laden that the film created a false impression in that regard. yet more relevant also told employees that such techniques did help uncover, quote, some of the intelligence that was used to track the al qaeda learned. so, on new year's eve, three leading senators on the intelligence and armed services committees, two democrats and a republican wrote to more relevant asking, quote: in regards to the bin laden operation. what information was acquired from cia detainees subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques? when was this information provided? prior to? during? or after the detainee was subjected to the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques? if after, how long after? senator saxby chambliss, the ranking republican on the republic committee called all of this odd. what's next chambliss asked in a statement yesterday. bourn thrilling or 24? 24? it also seems fruitless for the intelligent committee to demand more information from the cia about detention and interro
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)